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Using JQuery Mobile with the HTML5 canvas element to listen for touch events on the iPad and Android browsers

Lately I’ve been messing around with JQuery Mobile, the HTML5 canvas element as well as my Droid X and iPad 2. The nice thing is JQuery Mobile supports numerous touch events and makes life a lot easier. In fact, JQuery … Continue reading

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Submit a JQuery Mobile form via AJAX with PHP

I have a previous article on how to use JQuery Mobile (and PHP) to submit some data via AJAX. With a little modification you can take that code and make it so you can submit an entire form. Today I’ll … Continue reading

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Build a simple chat web app with JQuery Mobile and NowJS (a module for NodeJS)

I was playing around with NowJS (makes realtime web apps easy and it uses NodeJS). I setup NodeJS along with NPM on Ubuntu 10.10 (see previous my article if you need help with getting NodeJS and NPM installed on Ubuntu) … Continue reading

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A new HTML5 Canvas library: jCanvaScript

jCanvaScript is a JavaScript library that provides methods to manage with the content of the HTML5 Canvas element. This new project is very well documented and full of examples in the documentation. I’ve been playing around with it and have … Continue reading

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Using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to create an HTML5 Canvas that uses (almost) all available space

A few weeks ago I had written an article in regards to getting the HTML5 Canvas to take up the entire browser available area and to take into consideration scrollbars as well as mobile devices. The code works pretty decent … Continue reading

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Using the HTML5 Canvas Element with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

With the release of the Google Web Toolkit 2.2 (GWT) they added experimental support for the HTML5 Canvas element. Looking over their sample application I was able to craft my own demo pretty easily borrowing some of their code and … Continue reading

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Embedding fonts with CSS for your next HTML5 application

These days more and more people are using HTML5 and CSS3 to create some amazing applications. If your using a tool like PhoneGap you might want to embed a font for your (web) application. Fortunately @font-face will allow us to … Continue reading

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Using EaselJS to display a bitmap and create some effects

I written about EaselJS before and today I’m going to show another simple way to use the new Easel JavaScript library to interact with the HTML5 Canvas element (also I’m using JQuery). In particular I’ll show you how to use … Continue reading

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Playing with the HTML5 Canvas and JQuery – Scrollbar Issues?

I’ve been working with the HTML5 Canvas element a fair bit trying to get use to how it works, what works and what doesn’t. Something I’ve been tinkering with is how to get the Canvas to make use of the … Continue reading

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Create a blog with JQuery Mobile and ASP.NET MVC 3 with C#

I wrote an article not to long ago that showed you how to build a Mobile Blog with PHP and the new JQuery Mobile framework (the Alpha 3 version). Today I’ve taken that article and converted the code to ASP.NET … Continue reading

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