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Getting AdSense working with JQuery Mobile and PHP

I’ve been working on a fun little project using JQuery Mobile and PHP in which I wanted to integrate Google’s Adsense as well as Google’s Mobile AdSense (not AdMob) depending on what device was visiting the site. Today I’m going … Continue reading

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Using JQuery, AJAX and JSONP to do cross-domain calls with PHP

If you’ve ever needed to make a cross-domain call via AJAX you’ve probably run into the dreaded same origin policy: The policy permits scripts running on pages originating from the same site to access each other’s methods and properties with … Continue reading

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Setting up an Ubuntu PHP development environment

Today I’ll show you how to setup a PHP development environment on Ubuntu 10.10 that uses MySQL, phpMyAdmin and Apache2.

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Using the new JQuery Templates with AJAX and PHP

The JQuery team and Microsoft have been working on adding templates to JQuery. Today I’ll show you how to use the JQuery Templates and load data from PHP via AJAX.

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Submit a JQuery Mobile form via AJAX with PHP

I have a previous article on how to use JQuery Mobile (and PHP) to submit some data via AJAX. With a little modification you can take that code and make it so you can submit an entire form. Today I’ll … Continue reading

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Getting basic error information from PHP PDO

My recent PHP PDO article introduced you to using PHP PDO. One thing I didn’t cover was how to actually get some error information back from PDO if perhaps you had buggy SQL or something.

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Getting started with CouchDB and PHP 5 on Ubuntu 10.10

CouchDB according to Wikipedia “is an open source document-oriented database written in the Erlang programming language. It borrows from NoSQL and is designed for local replication and to scale horizontally across a wide range of devices”. CouchDB is an Apache … Continue reading

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A quick intro to using PHP PDO with MySQL

PHP PDO (PHP Data Objects) ship with PHP 5.1 and above and is very easy to work with. Today I’m going to show you one way of performing CRUD actions on a MySQL database using PDO. Keep in mind what … Continue reading

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The two minute tutorial on using the Google URL Shortener API (with PHP)

Google recently introduced an API to use their URL shortening service. Today I’m going to quickly demo how you can use cURL with PHP to call the API. If you read over the getting started document you will see you … Continue reading

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Install Nginx with PHP 5.3.3 (PHP-FPM) on Ubuntu 10.10

Today I’ll go over the steps of how to get PHP-FPM and Nginx working together on Ubuntu 10.10. I used this article as my starting point and made some minor modifications of my own.

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