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Setting up an Ubuntu PHP development environment

Today I’ll show you how to setup a PHP development environment on Ubuntu 10.10 that uses MySQL, phpMyAdmin and Apache2.

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Using NodeJS with MySQL

As NodeJS grows supporting libraries continue to be developed and evolve. Today I’m going to use one of the many MySQL libraries available for NodeJS: node-mysql. I’ll be using Ubuntu 10.10 along with MySQL so if you need to install … Continue reading

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Getting started with CouchDB and NodeJS on Ubuntu 10.10

My previous post showed you how to install CouchDB on Ubuntu 10.10 and use PHP 5 to test it. Today I’ll be doing the same thing but instead of PHP I’ll be using NodeJS. If you need to install CouchDB … Continue reading

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Getting started with CouchDB and PHP 5 on Ubuntu 10.10

CouchDB according to Wikipedia “is an open source document-oriented database written in the Erlang programming language. It borrows from NoSQL and is designed for local replication and to scale horizontally across a wide range of devices”. CouchDB is an Apache … Continue reading

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Run a chat server with NowJS (using NodeJS) on Ubuntu 10.10

NowJS is a new module for NodeJS that makes realtime apps fun and easy to do – in fact it’s even easier than NodeJS already makes it. Today I’ll show you how to run a chat server (as shown in … Continue reading

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Build a simple chat web app with JQuery Mobile and NowJS (a module for NodeJS)

I was playing around with NowJS (makes realtime web apps easy and it uses NodeJS). I setup NodeJS along with NPM on Ubuntu 10.10 (see previous my article if you need help with getting NodeJS and NPM installed on Ubuntu) … Continue reading

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Installing Node.js and NPM on Ubuntu 10.10

In a previous article I laid out the steps to install NodeJS and NPM on Ubuntu 10.04. Today I’m going to slightly update and hopefully simplify those steps and bring the version of Ubuntu up to 10.10. This will be … Continue reading

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Install Lighttpd, PHP and MySQL on Ubuntu 10.10

Sometimes you don’t want Apache for your web server whatever your reasons might be. There are other options like Nginx and Lighttpd, today I’ll setup Lighttpd along with PHP (via FastCGI) and MySQL.

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Getting started with App Engine development on Ubuntu 10.10 with Python 2.5

Newer versions of Ubuntu don’t come with Python 2.5 anymore however Google App Engine still requires (as of the date of this article) that you continue to use Python 2.5 for App Engine development. Some people have been using Python … Continue reading

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Using Twitter's OAuth with PHP for your own Twitter based application

I’ve been reading some tutorials, articles, comments, etc. and one common theme seems to be that people are having trouble (see the comments in the linked article) getting OAuth working with Twitter and PHP. Recently I began work on a … Continue reading

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