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Building a simple chat application with C#, Microsoft's Velocity, WebORB for .NET, and Flex Builder 3

Whether its an instant messaging client running on your desktop or a customized one on an embedded website perhaps built in Flex/Flash, Silverlight, or even JavaScript/HTML you see chat apps everywhere now. Today we’ll look into how to quickly build … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Using WebORB for .NET with Flex and C#

The Midnight Coders are a Texas based company that provides many solutions for developers. Ah, Texas! What a great state with great food! Today I’m going to talk about one of these solutions: WebORB for .NET

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WebORB for .NET is now free!

The good folks at the Midnight Coders have now merged the entire WebORB for .NET suite into one package and are giving it away free! This is really good news. A special thanks to all the people at the Midnight … Continue reading

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