A new Flash / Flex Socket Server for online games and chat – beta opening soon!

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Want to get in on the GFS Server beta?

The GFS Server beta is close. For those who may not know what a “GFS Server” is its a Socket Server for multi-player online games and chat applications specifically for Flash CS3 and Flex 2 and 3.

An early beta release should be ready toward the end of January 2008 and will come with documentation, tutorials and a couple example projects in both Flex and Flash. Soon I’ll be opening up the forums for the GFS Server beta.

If you would like to be on the beta team please send an email to: feedback[at]giantflyingsaucer.com.

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2 Responses to A new Flash / Flex Socket Server for online games and chat – beta opening soon!

  1. Satyarth Negi says:

    Nice to see your work. All the best.
    I had a query. I have very rich programming and developement experience and have been working with some game engines. But iam very new to online games technology.
    I wish to develop a multiplayer car racing online game. Can you please tell me which would be the best technologies to use?

    I heard it can be done with flex as well as java. But i heard that with flex, your games are not full screen. I want to make full screen games. Also if possible i want to add 3D graphics.

    Please drop in your suggestions.

    Thanks and Regards

  2. Chad Lung says:

    First of all it is possible to fullscreen apps in Flex:

    Regarding your game a lot of the answers depend on what exactly you want to accomplish. I’ll try to answer as best as I can based on your information. Flash can definitely produce some great online multi-player games. There are some 3D packages for Flash available commercially as well as the free Papervision 3D one:
    Flash Player 10 will supposedly have some good 3D support built into it.

    You can do the game in Java or Flash/Flex. If your targeting online multi-player though you probably want to stick with the Flash Player for the end users because if you go the Java Applet route you have to assume the user has Java installed which is less likely than they would have the Flash Player installed. Down the road there is JavaFX upcoming, but its only been released so far as preview or developer versions.

    Of course if you build it in Flash/Flex you can easily change it to support Adobe AIR when its released this year. Until then it can run in the current Flash Player.

    In the end its up to you.


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